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i haven't been on here forever, where is everyone at? anyone still use lj?


Well, you may or may not of noticed that there is a different username posting, and on your friends list, but its me..formally known as how_2_girl..twylah!!! i got a rename token as i've wanted to do since i've had my user name picked out for awhile now, i'm now vintagepeach so yeah, just thought i'd let ya'll know!

bday pics
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So its official

I'm Moving To Calgary

May 2006 I will live in Calgary, Alberta. Away from this fucking town. Due to recent days I'm thinking April.
I hate it here, don't get me wrong I love my friends but therse nothing for me here except pain.
Me and Jenelle are going to get a 2 bedroom apartment, and I get to bring my kitty..which to me is so fucking awesome.

Well I'm gonna go watch some movies, Good Night.
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Happy 2006
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So Happy New Year to all my awesome LJ and People Friends:) I hope you had as awesome of a night as I did!! First of I wanted to pimp my new icon because it = love. And now I shall tell you about my New Years Eve/New Years.
Caitlin picked me up at 8:30 and we drove and got Rebekah and Derrek then we got some booze. (Esential don't ya know?!) I had a mickey of vodka and a 6 pack of kokanne and I can't remember what everyone else had. But yeah anyways we drove up to the house we were planning to party at.
Once we were there we imediatly started drinking, it was 9:00 Yeah but we so didn't even care, I started off with a beer, and same with Caitlin. At that point thats all Caitlin was gonna have cause she was suppose to be our D.D. so yeah then we grabbed another beer, and went to go to the nice outhouse! After that I believe we were on our third drink, it started to rain so me and Rebekah added some wood to the fire!! After that me and Caitlin (she was so drunk it was unbelieveably funny) took a few shots of vodka and diet pepsi and wandered off to some orchard which we called.. THE MAZE hehe yeah so we kinda got a tad confused i guess, caitlin peed in the orchard and then i got a phone call from my supervisor of extra foods lol she was like, so you drunk ..and yes i seriously was. Rebekah and Derrek came to find us right after that.
We were back over at the camp fire doing shots of vodka, running around like mad crazy people, peeing, lol i was walking and slowly but harshly fell right into a bush. I was on my back yelling I FELL IN THE BUSH, COME GET ME Caitlin (while laughing) came and helped me up, i was covered in those little prickly ball things lmao.
We went back over to the fire and there were SOOOOO many people there, Caitlin went up to everyone and said IM THE DESEGNATED DRIVER.......NOT ANYMOREEEE!!!!!! lol then she stole someones marshmallows and offered them to everyone.
We kind of missed the countdown so we did it at 12:02am. LOL. Me and Caitlin were depressed, we had no men to kiss so me, caitlin and rebekah all kissed lol it was a 3 way kiss, it was funny actually!
Rebekah, Me, Caitlin and Derrek were SOOOOOOO fucking rowdy..it was awesome! We drank from 9-11:30..and Caitlin passed out. LOL, Jaymes called me and asked what i was doing and I was like, well my desegnated driver passed out, lol. So him and Gary came and got me.
We went to Gary's house for like 20 mins then I went home and passed out. Jaymes Carried me up the stairs to Gary's appartment cause I was too drunk lol then we took the elevator back down.
Our night ended at 3:30am!

I woke up earlier then i thought i would, (at 11) with a horrible head ache and stomach ache (what you might call..a hangover?) me and Caitlin took our camera to the one hour photo and then went to ihop where i ate a scary amount of food lol. then we got them developed, which is where I show you the pictures!!

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Color Bar Post
Here are All of my color bar /love of things!! I'll update this entry with ones I get:)

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i just joined eyekons JOIN JOIN!
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Post your communitys.. comments, questions, randomness in here, who cares what it is (well i care if its porn lol so dont give me nun of that!) it culd be songs.. post your favourite any thing..songs would be good that way maybe ill d/l them

comon guys! show some love<3 spam up this comment like crazy!
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